About me

Who am I ?

My name is Steven Dickens and I am an IBMer responsible for global sales of IBM’s premier Linux and Open Source server platform, LinuxONE. In this role, I advocate, evangelise and champion the adoption of LinuxONE in the Cloud, Managed Service Provider, Linux and Open Source market segments. I have spent 20-years plus in the Information Technology industry, with considerable experience in both hardware and software platforms with senior roles in: Offering Management, Marketing, Sales and Client Management for organisations such as CA (now Broadcom), HP and latterly IBM.

I was a founding board member, former Chairperson and am now the Chairperson of the Marketing Committee for the Open Mainframe Project, a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project promoting Linux and Open Source on the mainframe – www.openmainframeproject.org

I am an avid supporter of using social media tools to increase customer engagement and have spoken at Social Media conferences on the subject of Social Media advocacy.  I use numerous social platforms to further awareness of IBM’s LinuxONE offerings and I am also the Editor/Curator of the www.mainframedebate.com blog site.

Email: Steven.Dickens@hotmail.co.uk

Twitter: @StevenDickens3

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevenpauldickens

My other blog: http://www.mainframedebate.com