Yet another Crypto Blog

Despair, caution, frustration, and above all suspicion… Yes I know, yet another Crypto blog. Let’s get some quick fire points out of the way, to hopefully establish some credibility and outline what this blog is going to cover over the coming weeks and months. Firstly, let’s lay out what I am not. I am not a financial analyst and therefore you shouldn’t take anything in this blog as financial advice or guidance about a particular investment strategy. I am also not from the financial services or banking realm. Yes I have worked with banks throughout my career, but I have never worked for them. I am not a mathematician or cryptographer. I am also not a new age hippy who wants to overthrow the government or up-end society, in fact quite the opposite. I am also not here to sell you anything, which given my day job is to sell things for a big technology vendor will be quite a stretch for me…

So who am I ?

I am regular guy. I have kids, 4 in fact, a job working for IBM (click here for more detail on my day job) and bills to pay. That’s me in the picture for this post. In fact hopefully I am just like you. I have stocks and shares in my portfolio, I read about the markets and watch out for the big trends. But above all else I like to read and learn. It is this quest for knowledge that led me to start learning about Crypto Currencies, how assets can be tokenised, what a Blockchain network is and how Bitcoin works. As the crypto world is fond of saying, I went down the ‘rabbit hole’ of learning about this space back in late 2016 and first invested in Bitcoin at the end of 2017.

What is the blog going to cover?

Over the last 3-years I have tried to read and learn as much about Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies as my day job and father duties has allowed me to do. This has been a tough task. Why? Well for this newbie a lot of the blogs, podcasts and papers require you to be a computer scientist, a hedge fund manager or mathematician. As I mentioned, I am none of the above. Now a lot of the blogs I have read have been very well written, the podcasts very interesting with passionate an obviously knowledgeable guests and the corporate information posted very insightful, but a gap exists.

I see a gap in the Crypto space for information aimed at the guy in the street, the person who is ‘crypto curious’ but also not an expert in any of the areas involved. Hopefully, if I write the posts correctly and do my research, this blog will fill this gap in the market. I plan to cover wide ranging topics such as: What is a Blockchain? How can you tokenise a building and why would you? What are cryptocurrencies and in particular Bitcoin? Once some of the fundamentals are out of the way I plan to dig into some of the more deep dive topics such as: How can crypto currencies replace money and will they? Why are the regulators so scared of Bitcoin? What is Facebook doing in this space and should I care?

All of these topics will be written with the layman in mind. All acronyms will be expanded. No new terms will enter the narrative without first being explained. Simple, easy to read language will be used (unless complicated terms are mandatory) at all times. Humour will be employed liberally and in case you are wondering, this blog will be written in the Queen’s English with the requisite spelling required, so please read with Downton Abbey in mind at all times.

I plan to write once a week. The posts will typically be 800-1,000 words in length but please afford me some patience if daily life gets in the way and I miss a week or post twice in a week because I am excited by a particular development and feel I must share it a few days early… See you next week (if I can wait that long) for the first instalment of Crypto Translated.

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